History defined is simply the past. A passage of time that continually advances and never ends. Our long-awaited future arrives, then departs for the past. So…history is, what it was.

My intention is to trace the history of the United States objectively and not to interpret subjectively, except within my comments. I may include a broader range of subject areas commonly regarded as separate – such as anthropology, paleology, genealogy, archaeology, philosophy, literature, and art. They do interlace with history and, thus, unifies a beneficial relationship for the purpose of my study.

Our national story is an undertaking of sifting and sorting through many facts of events, people, and cultures. It is an immense and dramatic range of truth and opinion from many sources. Our history cannot be viewed through our eyes of the 21st century but must be seen through the eyes of those who lived before us. Condemnation and criticism cannot exist here because historical times were different. Thought and opinions were different. What is a reality to us now was not a reality to those who lived before us. It is my desire to stir curiosity and to give insight and meaning to our nation’s history.